Treehouse Testimonial

My Uncle Bob built us the best tree house ever!  He also put in a zip line for us.  I highly recommend him to you!



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Seasonal Work

In 2015 Bob did our lawn maintenance, washed our windows and screens, removed the moss from our roof, tuck pointed our chimney, trimmed the trees in our back yard and did the fall yard cleanup.  He does very good work for reasonable prices.  Clair from Downers Grove

  I can build just about anything related to tree houses, swing sets and play centers for children.  I focus on safety, durability and life long interest.  My 3 girls are 25, 22 and 21 years old and they still play on the play center I built for them 20 years ago.  You get what you pay for in this department for sure.  I am interested in selling you a play center that will engage your children for more than a decade.  Tree houses and play centers are big investments.  They are worth every penny if they are done correctly.  Way to often children lose interest and the set just sits in the yard until it decays or until it's sold.  I will advise you on what to buy or build.  I know what works for kids and I know what they will lose interest in very quickly.  The reason there are so many play sets and swing sets for sale on Craig's list is because there are certain sets people simply can't sell.  Why would you buy a play set that your kids will out grow in 1 year?  If your kids are "climbers", why would you buy a set that has nothing to climb?  I will build "what's best for your kids."