Emergency Service Available

This past fall my basement flooded with 6 feet deep of water.  Bob drained my basement.  He totally gutted the entire basement.  Then he and his crew did the entire mold remediation.  In 2016 I will have him rebuild the basement.  Elli from Western Springs

Referral Program

 Ask about our referral special.

Seasonal Work

In 2015 Bob did our lawn maintenance, washed our windows and screens, removed the moss from our roof, tuck pointed our chimney, trimmed the trees in our back yard and did the fall yard cleanup.  He does very good work for reasonable prices.  Clair from Downers Grove

I do not work at an hourly rate.  I bid all of my jobs and they are outlined in a simple contract.

When you come home after a long day at work, what you really want to do is relax and enjoy being in your home. The last thing you want is to drive up to your home and be struck by all the work you need to do there. Weeds to pull, flowers to plant, grass to mow, windows to wash, gutters to clean. And then there’s that chipping paint, the broken doorbell, the leaky bathroom faucet, the broken light fixture in the dining room, and the drafty patio door. Sure, maybe you can do all this yourself, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So CALL-BOZEK, give us your “honey do” list and arrive at home ready to relax.

This is a listing of some of the work we do. Don't see your project listed here? Give us a call us, because chances are we can do for you. And if not, we can usually refer you to a good resource.

•    Install smoke detectors
•    Install door knobs, locks and deadbolts
•    Install towel racks and hooks
•    Replace medicine cabinets
•    Repair/replace broken tile
•    Install ceramic tile
•    Replace sink fixtures
•    Caulk tubs, sinks, and tile
•    Replace shower heads
•    Replace exhaust fans and covers
•    Install/replace toilets and toilet tank hardware, seats and covers
•    Install shelving and hanger rods
•    Assemble closet organizers
•    Adjust/lubricate closet doors
•    Replace bi-fold doors
•    Clean and/or replace lighting fixtures
•    Paint doors and windows
•    Paint interior rooms
•    Fix broken drawers
•    Replace cabinet hardware
•    Replace or repair baseboards
•    Replace/repair damaged tile
•    Drywall repair and texturing
•    General caulking and paint touch-up
•    Assemble furniture and entertainment cabinets
•    Animal Removal (i.e., a squirrel in the attic!)
•    Clean and/or replace lighting fixtures
•    Leaks & drain tiles

•    Replace concrete walkways, driveways, garage floors
•    Repair broken fencing & gates
•    Design and install new fences
•    Replace damaged fascia and trim
•    Paint fascia and trim
•    Install mailboxes
•    Replace broken doorbells
•    Clean and/or replace lighting fixtures
•    Paint doors and windows
•    Replace doors and windows
•    Paint interior rooms
•    Replace garage door springs
•    Lubricate garage doors
•    Design and build brick patios and wooden decks
•    Complete weatherproofing
•    Insulate attics
•    Powerwashing
•    Exterior house painting and staining
•    Repair grout/brick mortar
•    Fix basement water leaks
•    Caulk around glass panes
•    Clean/replace screens
•    Fix sticky doors and windows
•    Clean and lubricate sliding doors
•    Clean and repair gutters, including eliminating ice dams